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Formerly a Liberty Mutual Insurance building, is now the new home to city administration, police department and busine3ss office for Mishawaka Utilities. Located in the heart of downtown, this 92,000 sq ft municipal building serves as the central hub and focal point for the city. 

The hardscape design, which spans two city blocks, helps shape the overall look and feel of the site. It provides a strong first impression for anyone who visits and is meant to accentuate the adjacent building and street scapes. With upper and lower plaza areas, it also provides ample space for people to gather. 

The lighting design was a critical element, contributing not only to safety, but also to the character of the site. Lighted bollards, parking lights and pedestrian scale lighting were thoughtfully placed to guide visitors around the area and create a captivating atmosphere during the evening hours. Aside from safety, the goal of this lighting design was to transform the hardscape into an inviting and visually striking environment, making the Mishawaka City Hall a secure and prominent downtown feature. 

Project: Mishawaka City Hall

Mishawaka, IN

Credit: Mike Hanyzewski

Firm: JPR - Jones Petrie Rafinski

Luminaires Used

Vancouver Light Column