Vancouver Light Column - Installed in Terminal B Laguardia International Airport New York

Ligman's Vancouver Light Column was manufactured to meet design criteria required by Goldstick Lighting Design for the new Terminal B at La Guardia International Airport in New York. 

The original idea was to have decorative Light columns with custom laser cut panels throughout the space.
During design discussions, the extent of Ligman’s Tailor Made capabilities became apparent and the design progressed to incorporate customized framework and multiple Lador 3 floodlights with different beam and visor requirements on top of the columns providing accent lighting for merchandise. 

The largest unit had Qty 24 adjustable Lador floodlights in cubicles on top of the Light Column.
A custom central opal core was provided, surrounded on two opposite sides with various designer specified laser cut decorative panels. 
Added to this, customized anchor bases were developed to accommodate the unique floor requirements and power supply.
As per standard Ligman Lighting USA production these fixtures were provided completely assembled and factory wired to simplify installation on the job site. 

Luminaires Used

Vancouver Light Column