Cluster Columns

Odessa ClusterOdessa-Small-Double

Odessa family projectors with a modern aesthetic design are available as pole mounted floodlights with pole clamp settings. Each individual floodlight can be specified with different beam distributions, as well as wattages if necessary to provide the perfect lighting solution for any environment. The floodlights can be aimed in different directions to highlight specific features or elements in the environment, as well as provide security when illuminating dark areas on campuses and parks.


Model Lamp Power Lumen Beam
|| Small Odessa 1 ||    
UOD-21001 3 COB 3x21w  3x1673 23˚ | 32˚ | 43˚
UOD-21002  6 COB  6x21w  6x1673  23˚ | 32˚ | 43˚ 
|| Medium Odessa 2 ||    
UOD-21011 3 COB 3x36w 3x3173 19˚ | 28˚ | 38˚ | 54˚
UOD-21012 6 COB 6x36w 6x3173 19˚ | 28˚ | 38˚ | 54˚


Quantum ClusterDouble

The Quantum small size LED cluster column projector. The high pressure die-cast housing have integrated heat sinks, as well as internal waterproof control gear housing compartment. The mounting arm is attached to a ratcheting tilting adjustment that is lockable once the desired aiming position has been achieved. The luminaires are available with RGBW or static white. 



Model Lamp Power Lumen Beam
|| Quantum 1 Single ||    
UQA-21001 3x3 COB 3x42w  3x3634 19˚ | 33˚ | 47˚
UQA-21002 3x7 RGBW LED  3x31w  3x1390  11˚ | 33˚ | 50˚ | 23˚x42˚ 
|| Quantum 1 Double ||    
UQA-21011 6x3 COB 6x42w 3x3634 19˚ | 33˚ | 47˚
UQA-21012 6x7 RGBW LED 6x31w 6x1390 11˚ | 33˚ | 50˚ | 23˚x42˚


Jet ClusterJET Double

The Jet family of floodlight projectors has a modern cubic square design with a new range of high performance LEDs and field changeable optics. This square style cluster column floodight is designed for applications such as signage, scuptures, landscape, residential areas and recreational areas. The versatitility of this product allows for different configuartions of fixture quantities, as well as beam distributions. 


Model Lamp Power Lumen Beam
|| Jet 56 Single ||    
UJE-20011 3x1 COB 3x39w  3x3104 13˚ | 20˚ | 40˚ | 61˚
|| Jet 56 Double ||    
UJE-20012 6x1 COB 6x39w 3x3104 13˚ | 20˚ | 40˚ | 61˚


Mic ClusterMic-Cluster-Column

A decorative event column using a variety of LED floodlight wattages and beam spreads with a selection of accessories. Ideal for precise lighting of facades, sculptures, signage and architectural details. This floodlight is configurable and allows the customer to specify Mic luminaires that vary in wattages from 20w,30w,40w and 50w fixtures to be mounted on the pole, as well as a variety of bem spreads to suit the design. 



Model Lamp Power Lumen Beam
|| Mic 3 Cluster ||    
UMI-21051 6x18 LED 6x20w | 6x30w  6x1478 | 6x2289 13˚ | 26˚ | 41˚
UMI-21052 6x24 LED 6x40w | 6x50w 6x3240 | 6x4577 13˚ | 26˚ | 41˚




LightColumnPostTopNEW-01 StreetArealght-01

Bollardsnew-01 WallSurface-01

recessedwall-01 Ceilingnew-01

IngroundNEW-01 FloodlightNEW-01

HighbayLowbaynew-01 Pendants-01

UnderwaterNEW-01 Poles-01 


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