Abacus Surface Light

A range of shallow ADA compliant square, rectangular and circular wall mounted luminaires providing downward Dark Sky compliant light distributions. Ideally suited to illuminate the wall and surfaces in front of the wall, as well as light accents on vertical surfaces using high efficiency LEDs. The Abacus is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and provides a clean, visually appealing solution for small, unobtrusive wall mounted luminaires. This surface mounted luminaire is available in 3 different shapes, as well as bollard combinations. The surface mounted Abacus is manufactured to cover a 3” or 4“ junction box and is provided with the necessary fixing plates to simplify installation. This product is provided with integral driver and special gasketing to ensure no water enters the luminaire.

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Specification Sheets

Abacus Large LED Wall Light 
Model No. Lamp  Light Output LED Color Power W

Abacus 1
UAB-30001 LED 800 lm 27K,30K,40K 11

Abacus 2 - 10.2" x 10.2"
UAB-30011 LED 800 lm 27K,30K,40K 11

Abacus 3 - 10.6" x 10.6"
UAB-30021 LED 800 lm 27K,30K,40K 11


Abacus Small LED Wall Light 
Model No. Lamp  Light Output LED Color Power W

Abacus 6 - 6" x 6"
UAB-30031 LED 323 lm 27K,30K,40K 7

Abacus 7 - 6.3" x 6.3"
UAB-30041 LED 329 lm 27K,30K,40K 7




Photometric and Downloads

Product Informations
Abacus specs
Abacus catalog | E-Catalogue
Abacus photometric IES 
Abacus photometric report (PDF)
Abacus photo
Abacus CAD Files (2D / RFA / 3DS)

Instructions Installation

Product Installation
Abacus Installation


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