Light Linear VT


Light Linear VT is an elegant futuristic lighting column that is suitable for both modern and classic architecture.
Ideal for creating opitcal guidance with exceptional visual comfort. This lighting column has been developed by Ligman to provide optimal lighting distributions without utilizing traditional outreach arms or fixture heads and in so doing, provides a highly aesthetic and cost effective alternative to traditional street and area lighting options without sky clutter.
This fixture is manufactured in single sided, and double sided options. This specially designed light control optical system with integrated heat sink allows this product to be installed up to 60 ft on center with excellent uniformity, saving on installation costs and visual clutter in parking lots, streetlights and pedestrian areas. This fixture is available in a variety of different light distributions and has lumen packages from 2,308 to 11,541 lumens depending on product specification.

The LED optics have been carefully designed in such a way to ensure that light is evenly projected downward, optimizing light distribution and providing light patterns at maximum spacing that are in accordance with road and area lighting requirements. An additional feature of this product is that there is zero backlight, thereby eliminating light trespass issues. The fixture is provided fully assembled with fixture head and wiring to the handhole, ensuring quick installation without the necessity of attaching the fixture head or outreach arms. The dual sealed optical chamber, with integrated heat sinks, houses a range of field interchangeable optically controlled LEDs, providing Type I, II, III & IV distribution, as well as variations of this for precise light distribution requirements. Customer specic wattages can be provided, contact the factory for more information.

The sleek and minimalistic shape provides effective lighting at night and decorative urban effects during the day. This product range is complemented with high performance optics in the bollard and wall mounted luminaires, to provide a consistent range of design aesthetics for the project. See website for more information. Poles can be provided with GFCI boxes positioned to specific heights specified by the designer. A at low profile hand hole cover with vandal resistant screws is provided for easy installation. Available with a selection of integral electronic drivers and dimming drivers, as well as provisions for wireless lighting controls to integrate with building management systems, as well as pole mounted occupancy sensors

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Specification Sheets




Light Linear VT Single Side
Model No. Power
Light Output 
LED Color
Dimmable 1 - 10V
55w LED
2670 - 3918 lm
80w LED
3536 - 5212 lm
105w LED
4040 - 6153 lm
27K,30K,40K  LED   
152w LED
6657 - 9767 lm
27K,30K,40K   LED  


Light Linear VT Double Side 
Model No.
Light Output
LED Color
Dimmable 1 - 10V
2x55w LED
2x2670 - 2x3918 lm


*Contact factory for higher wattage

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Product Informations
Light Linear specs
Light Linear catalog | E-Catalogue
Light Linear VT Photometric IES
Light linear photometric report (PDF)
Light Linear photo
Light Linear CAD Files (2D / RFA / 3DS)

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Product Installation
Light Linear Installation
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