LIGMAN Luminaires are designed and manufactured in accordance with International (IEC) and European (EN) standards.

Standards International Standard European Standard
General requirements and tests IEC 60598-1 EN 60598-1
Particular requirements, Fixed general purpose luminaires IEC 60598-2-1 EN 60598-2-1
Recessed luminaire IEC 60598-2-2 EN 60598-2-2
Luminaires for road and street lighting IEC 60598-2-3 EN 60598-2-3
Floodlights IEC 60598-2-5 EN 60598-2-5
Luminaires with built-in transformers for filament lamps IEC 60598-2-6 EN 60598-2-6
Ground recessed luminaires IEC 60598-2-13 EN 60598-2-13
Luminaires for swimming pools and similar applications IEC 60598-2-18 EN 60598-2-18
Lighting columns. General requirements and dimensions   BS EN 40-2:2004
Lighting columns. Requirements for steel lighting columns   BS EN 40-5:2002
Lighting columns. Requirements for aluminium lighting columns   BS EN 40-6:2002
The Photometry and Goniophotometry of Luminaires   CIE 121-1996
Light and lighting - Measurement and presentation of photometric data of lamps and Luminaires : Measurement and file format EN 13032-1:2004/AC  
Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products IES LM79-08 2007  
Standard for safety luminaires UL1598  

Our electrical components such as lamp holders, terminal blocks, internal wiring and control gear are carefully selected from the world's leading manufacturers, such as Vossloh Schwabe, Tridonic, Osram, BJB. They have obtained European safety and quality insignia such as VDE, IMQ, KEMA, and ENEC, etc.

LIGMAN Lighting columns and surface mounting flange plates are designed to conform to BS Standards.

LIGMAN Lighting laboratory measurements within the system are executed in accordance with a number of international guidelines, most notably the CIE Publication 121-1996, EN 13032-1:2004 and IES LM 79-08 2007.

The technical information given, including data and designs, can be changed without prior notice. The dimensions and weights stated are approximate values and can vary slightly according to manufacture tolerance.