Luminaire Design

LIGMAN products have been designed using the latest software and hardware tools to create modern designs that meet international trends and eco-friendly products for the global market. The luminaire designers, optical engineers and production engineers work together using the latest computer-aid-design software and computer-aid-engineering to develop luminaires with the highest quality and efficiency for the customers, providing superior fit-for-purpose luminaires for outdoor applications. 

LigmanDesign 3D-2D CAD design software.
LigmanOpticalDesign LIGMAN optical design software use to design optical and reflector efficiency with lighting distribution.

Evaluation using lighting design software.

Visual rendering to see the result of the final product application.



EPA - Wind Loading

Ligman utilizes state-of-the art software to design and calculate wind loads for poles and components, to ensure maximum wind velocity and safety parameters. 


Electrical components such as driver, ballasts, LED holders, lamp holders and internal wiring are sourced from the world's leading manufacturers, such as : Vossloh Schwabe, Tridonic, Osram, CREE, BJB etc. All components carry UL certification.