Mondova || October 10th

Mondova small and medium exterior waterproof downlight range makes this

luminaire a unique and attractive option for most outdoor design applications. This

innovative 4” deep low profile die-cast aluminum luminaire is designed with

integrated heat sink, as well as waterproof die-cast driver housing. This unit is

suitable for all wet location environments, as well as applications where the fixture is

exposed to water, not only from below, but also from above, e.g open canopies.

The product is available with two powder coated die-cast aluminum trim styles,

namely baffled and flat trim with no visible screws.

The trim is removed using a bayonet style twist lock action, meaning that screws are not required to hold the frame into place. The baffled trim protrudes .78” and the flat trim sits flush with the ceiling. This luminaire is suited for interior and exterior lighting.

Available in symmetrical narrow, medium, wide and very wide light distribution.

Color temperature 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

A rough in ceiling tray can be provided as an option for ceilings that are not strong

enough to support the weight of the fixture.



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