Light Linear LA || June 6th

Light Linear LA 6 wall wash or wall grazing floodlight family is designed as a perfect

solution for color changing applications, as well as static color for architectural

structures, wall grazing, column lighting and linear oodlighting. This high performance

luminaire, with superior optic design is suitable for many applications including commercial, historic or modern architectural interiors and exteriors.


Two different lengths, 2’ and 4’ allow the luminaire installation to be tailored exactly to

the architectural structure. Luminaires can be installed end to end, without any gaps

or shadows in the lighting design. An integral driver is provided, however this

product can be supplied with remote driver applications, please contact the factory

for more details.


Light Linear LA is available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, as well as RGBW.

This linear line is also provided in Inground, Recessed wall and Pendant.


Light Linear LA Product Line