Itac Wall Light


A range of vandal resistant circular wall and ceiling mounted sconces with an option of flat or dome front opal vandal resistant UV stabilized polycarbonate diffuser that gives off a subtle backlight. Ideal for numerous indoor or outdoor applications. This luminaire can be provided with an integral occupancy sensor. The Itac 1 has a flat front lens and the Itac 2 is provided with a dome front. All Ligman fixtures can be manufactured using a special pre-treatment and coating process that ensures the fixture can be installed in natatoriums as well as environments with high concentrations of chlorine or salt and still maintain the 5 year warranty. For this natatorium rated process please specify NAT in options.

Specification Sheets


Itac Surface 1 LED     
Model No. Lamp Light Output LED Color Power W Dimmable 1-10V
UIT-31962 40 LED 517 lm 27K,30K,40K 20


Itac Surface 2 LED     
Model No. Lamp Light Output LED Color Power W Dimmable 1-10V
UIT-31972 40 LED 570 lm 27K,30K,40K 20


Itac Surface 1 Dia 14.0”     
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen
UIT-31451 CFQ 26w. G24q-3 1550
UIT-31452 CFTR 42w. Gx24q-4 2720
UIT-31453 CFQ 2x26w. G24q-3 2x1550
UIT-31454 CFTR 2x32w. Gx24q-3 2x2040


Itac Surface 2 Dia. 14.0”     
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen
UIT-31461 CFQ 26w. G24q-3 1550
UIT-31462 CFTR 42w. Gx24q-4 2720
UIT-31463 SPIRAL-CFL 23w. MED 1600
UIT-31464 CFQ 2x26w. G24d-3 2x1550
UIT-31465 CFTR 2x32w. Gx24q-3 2x2040
UIT-31466 SPIRAL-CFL 2x23w. MED 2x1600



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