Classic Surface Mounted Luminaires


Suitable for wet locations A range of square bulkheads with flat sheet impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser. Ideal for numerous indoor or outdoor applications. The Classic1 can be given a more striking appearance by using the grille frame. The LED luminaires have features such as long life, limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance. Low copper content corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum frame and body. Stainless steel screws. Durable silicone rubber gasket and impact resistant UV stabilized polycarbonate diffuser. The luminaire is treated with a chemical chromatized protection before powder coating, ensuring high corrosion resistance. Integral control gear. To maintain the integrity of the IP rating of this luminaire it is supplied with a specially designed SHG self sealing wiring grommet that is used when connecting to the power supply. This grommet insures that water and dust does not enter the luminaire through the knockout hole in the back of the luminaire.

Specification Sheets

Classic Surface 1 LED     Classic 1-01
Model No. Lamp  Light Output LED Color Power W Weight Dimmable 1-10V
UCL-30285 LED 800 lm 30K,40K 20 5.9 lb.


Classic surface 2 LED     Classic 2-01
Model No. Lamp  Light Output LED Color Power W Weight Dimmable 1-10V
UCL-30295 LED 920 lm 30K,40K 20 5.9 lb.


Classic Surface 1     Classic 1-01
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen Weight *Sensor
UCL-30281 CFQ 18w. G24q-2 1075 6.8 lb.
UCL-30282 CFQ 26w. G24q-3 1550 7.2 lb.
UCL-30283 CFQ 2x18w. G24q-2 2x1075 7.7 lb. -



Classic Surface 2     Classic 2-01
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen Weight *Sensor
UCL-30291 CFQ 18w. G24q-2 1075 6.6 lb.
UCL-30292 CFQ 26w. G24q-3 1550 7.0 lb.
UCL-30293 CFQ 2x18w. G24q-2 2x1075 7.5 lb. -


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