Vancouver Square Light Column


A stylish Dark Sky Compliant square high performance light column with downward light distribution using LED lamps. This light column offers optimal visual comfort through glare control by utilizing a controlled optics designed by Ligman. These columns have a square design providing a unique wide light distribution, oering an architecturally appealing clover leaf pattern on the paving. The internal sides of the supporting pillars are accented by light from the LED. Color temperature 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. The minimalistic shape provides distinctive lighting effects by night and decorative urban effect during the day. Suitable for pedestrian areas, precincts, building surrounds, shopping centers, squares and parks. The Vancouver Column comes standard with a unique waterproof internal driver housing compartment that is situated at the top of the pole to stop water and dust from entering the electrical components. This xture is supplied completely wired with powercord and waterproof gland from the driver enclosure to the base of the column to ensure quick trouble-free installation. The Vancouver has a specially designed anchor bolt mounting base that is partially buried below ground level to provide a flush fixture finish with the surface, but maintains the rigidity that is required when installing light columns. This ensures that the anchor bolts are not seen and therefore eliminates the necessity for an anchor bolt cover. ( review installation instructions before installing the anchor bolts.) Custom column heights are available, please specify. Provided with anchor bolts (the root mount kit is an option and is an adder) Reduced custom wattages can be provided to suit customer requirements. (Specify total watt requirement per xture) Designed to complement the Vancouver bollard. This product is provided complete with anchor bolts and laser cut steel bolt template.

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Specification Sheets

Model No.
Light Output
LED Color
Power W
Dimmable 1-10V
6.3" Square            
UVA-20011 COB 1414 lm 27K,30K,40K 21w 9.8' 
9.4" Square            
2969 lm
Decorative Slats             
UVA-20051 COB 1336 lm 27K,30K,40K 39w 12.1' 
UVA-20061 COB 1167 lm 27K,30K,40K 39w 12.1' 
UVA-20071 COB  1670 lm  27K,30K,40K  39w  12.1'   
Top Floodlight Attachments            
UVA-20021 COB 1336 lm + 1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 21w Flood  13.1'
UVA-20022 COB 1336 lm + 2x1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 2x21w Flood 14.1' 
UVA-20023 COB 1336 lm + 3x1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 3x21w Flood 15' 
UVA-20031 COB 1167 lm + 1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 21w Flood  13.1'
UVA-20032 COB 1167 lm + 2x1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 2x21w Flood  14.1'
UVA-20033 COB 1167 lm + 3x1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 3x21w Flood  15'
UVA-20041 COB 1670 lm + 1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 21w Flood  13.1'
UVA-20042 COB 1670 lm + 2x1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 2x21w Flood  14.1'
UVA-20043 COB 1670 lm + 3x1673lm Flood 27K,30K,40K 39w + 3x21w Flood  15'


Photometric and Downloads

Product Information
Vancouver specs
Vancouver Catalog | E-Catalog
Vancouver Photometric IES
Vancouver Photometric Report (PDF)
Vancouver Photo
Vancouver CAD Files (2D / RFA / 3DS)

Installation Instructions

Product Installation
Vancouver Installation
Root Mount Kit Install

Project References

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