Light Linear LA 1 & 2 Inground


Light Linear LA inground families are provided in RGBW color changing and static white color formats for wall grazing, wall washing, column lighting and uplight applications. Luminaires are suitable for many applications including commercial, historic, or modern architectural interiors and exteriors. Two different lengths are provided allowing the luminaire installation to be tailored exactly to the architectural structure. The luminaire is provided with an integral driver. A remote driver can be provided, please contact the factory for more details. The Light Linear LA 1 is available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. LED CRI >80 A low copper content high pressure die-cast and extruded aluminum body with high corrosion resistance. Power is provided through a single watertight cable gland. Two cable glands are available upon request for thru wiring. Stainless steel 316 mounting hardware. Durable high-temperature silicone gasket and clear tempered 8mm thick glass with a walk over rating of 1,102lb maximum load. The luminaire is available in 2 lengths with a standard stainless steel marine grade 316 frame. The luminaire is treated with a chemical nickel and zinc phosphate protection before powder coating (4.7 mil thickness), ensuring high corrosion resistance.  

Specification Sheets

Light Linear LA 1          
Model No. Lamp Light Output LED Color Power W Beam
ULA-60001 LED 2847 lm 27K, 30K, 40K 28 12˚, 14˚, 24˚, 44˚, 18˚x35˚
ULA-60002 LED 5703 lm 27K, 30K, 40K 55 12˚, 14˚, 24˚, 44˚, 18˚x35˚
ULA-60003 LED 2566 lm 27K, 30K, 40K 28 20˚
ULA-60004 LED 5140 lm 27K, 30K, 40K 55 20˚


Light Linear LA 2          
Model No. Lamp Light Output LED Color Power W Beam
ULA-60013 LED 1916 lm RGBW 33 10˚, 13˚, 24˚, 43˚, 16˚x 35˚
ULA-60014 LED 3898 lm RGBW 66 10˚, 13˚, 24˚, 43˚, 16˚x 35˚





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