Harrier 7.87” Inground Uplight

IP67 / EN 60598 / CLASS I / F / CE / IK10 / ETL

Suitable for wet locations A top range of inground uplights with a choice of round or square stainless steel or aluminum front rings, suitable to illuminate shopping and pedestrian areas, parks, gardens and sculptures. Main characteristics are low glare. The LED luminaires have features such as long life, limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance.This product has a standard ‘touchable glass’ ideally suited for spaces that are used by the general public. To ensure efficient drainage, gravel must be used to a depth of 17” beneath the housing, and should also be placed around the luminaire. Low copper content die-cast aluminum housing with high corrosion resistance. The 0.24” thick front ring is available in grade 316 stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel fasteners in grade 316. Power is provided through a single custom designed Ligman VSAW anti – wicking PG 1/2” water tight cable gland and 3ft of Outdoor Submersible #18/3 SOOW 600V power cable. Durable silicone rubber gasket and clear or frosted toughened 0.39” thick glass, walk over 440lbs. maximum. Body is treated with a chemical chromatized protection before powder coating, ensuring high corrosion resistance. Optional Recessing box in high density polyethylene. Optional ADA anti slip surface.

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Specification Sheets

Harrier 3 Round 7.87"      
Model No. Lamp   Light Output LED Color Power W Dimmable  1-10V
UHA-60295 LED 194 lm 27K,30K,40K 3
UHA-60049 LED 1125 lm 27K, 30K, 40K 17
UHA-60050 LED 2440 lm 27K, 30K, 40K 31


Harrier 4 Square 7.87"
Model No. Lamp   Light Output LED Color Power W Dimmable  1-10V
UHA-60305 LED 194 lm 27K,30K,40K 3
UHA-60209 LED 1125 lm 27K,30K,40K 17
UHA-60215 LED 2440 lm 27K,30K,40K 31


Harrier Round Dia 7.87"     
Model No. Holder Beam Lumen
UHA-60041 MED 10°/25°/40° 1130
UHA-60042 G53 4°/8°/25°   45000/20000/4000
UHA-60043 G24q-1 100° 775
UHA-60044 GU6.5 6°-37° 1615
UHA-60045 GU6.5 6°-37° 2450


Harrier Square 7.87"     
Model No. Lamp  Holder Beam Lumen
UHA-60201 PAR-30 HAL 75w. 120v MED 10°-25°-40° 1130
UHA-60203 CFQ 13w. G24q-1 100° 775
UHA-60204 T4 CMH 20w.  GU6.5 6°-37° 1615
UHA-60205 T4 CMH 39w. GU6.5 6°-37° 2450


Recessing box


Honey comb louvre
A61321 A61321


Anti glare louvre
A60221 A60221


Color Filter
A80191 A60116
A80191 A60117
A80191 A60119

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