Mar Wall Light, IDA: Horizontal non-adjustable


This cylindrical shaped wall mounted luminaire designed to complement the Mar streetlight. This fixture is available in 39w and 58w versions with Type II, III & IV distributions, as well as Type V distribution in a medium, wide, very wide and extra wide beam spreads. The high ingress protection allows these luminaires to be wall mounted for upward or downward lighting. The Gandalf can be aimed to suit specific light patterns with the adjustable arm. These fixtures can be provided with internal optic variations for precise light distribution requirements. An example of this is using a combination of using Type II and Type IV distribution optics inside the same fixture. This fixture can be aimed by tilting the housing using one of the two specifiable options of wall mount brackets, namely the stirrup bracket or small adjustable arm. Other options include; frosted lens, integral photo cell and occupancy sensor. All Ligman fixtures can be manufactured using a special pre-treatment and coating process that ensures the fixture can be installed in natatoriums as well as environments with high concentrations of chlorine or salt and still maintain the 5 year warranty. For this natatorium rated process please specify NAT in options.

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Specification Sheets

Mar Small Wall Area Light LED 
Model No. Lamp  Light Output LED Color Power W Dimmable 1-10V
UMA-31621 LED 4248,3800,3778,3892 lm 27K,30K,40K 39
UMA-31622 LED 5515,4870,4871,5063 lm 27K,30K,40K 58


Mar 5 Wall Area Light Distribution Type II     
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen
UMA-30881 PMH-ED17 50w. MED 2100
UMA-30882 PMH-ED17 70w. MED 4000
UMA-30883 PMH-ED17 100w. MED 6500
UMA-30884 PMH-ED17 150w. MED 10000
UMA-30885 HPS-ED17 50w. MED 3600
UMA-30886 HPS-ED17 70w. MED 5450
UMA-30887 HPS-ED17 100w. MED 8550
UMA-30888 HPS-ED17 150w. MED 14400


Mar 6 Wall Area Light Distribution Type IV     
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen
UMA-30891 PMH-ED17 50w. MED 2100
UMA-30892 PMH-ED17 70w. MED 4000
UMA-30893 PMH-ED17 100w. MED 6500
UMA-30894 PMH-ED17 150w. MED 10000
UMA-30895 HPS-ED17 50w. MED 3600
UMA-30896 HPS-ED17 100w. MED 8550
UMA-30897 HPS-ED17 150w. MED 14400


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