Large Atlantic Shepherds Crook LED


A wall mounted outdoor street and amenity lantern with a high performance optical system ensures improved visibility and reduced glare. Designed for pedestrian and residential areas, residential streets, large spaces such as car parks and city center spaces. Developed to complement the Atlantic bollard and Atlantic pillar light. This fixture is available with Type II, III & IV distributions, as well as Type V distribution in a medium, wide, very wide and extra wide beam spreads. These fixtures can be provided with internal optic variations for precise light distribution requirements. An example of this is using a combination of using Type II and Type IV distribution optics inside the same fixture.

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Specification Sheets

Large Atlantic Dia Shepherds Crook Wall Light LED            
Model No. Lamp  Light Output LED Color Power W Dimmable 1-10V
UAA-30640 LED 4222,3768,3749,3785 lm 27K,30K,40K 29, 40


Large Atlantic Dia 27.56” Shepherds Crook Wall Light     
Model No. Lamp Holder Lumen Weight
UAA-30631 CFTR 26/32/42w.     GX24q-3/4     1550/2040/2720 15.4 lb.
UAA-30632 PMH-ED17 70w. MED 4000 17.4 lb.
UAA-30633 PMH-ED17 100w. MED 6500 17.6 lb.
UAA-30634 PMH-ED17 150w. MED 10000 17.6 lb.
UAA-30635 HPS-ED17 70w. MED 5450 17.4 lb.
UAA-30636 HPS-ED17 100w. MED 8550 17.6 lb.
UAA-30637 HPS-ED17 150w. MED 14400 17.6 lb.


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