Harrier 10.82” inground uplight round and square luminaire


Suitable for wet locations A top range of inground uplights with round or square stainless steel front rings for use in shopping and pedestrian areas for illuminating squares, parks, gardens, sculptures, flag poles and trees. Main characteristics are low glare. The LED luminaires have features such as long life, limited maintenance and constant lifetime performance. This LED product has a standard ‘touchable glass’ ideally suited for spaces that are used by the general public. Luminaire has a remote but integral LED driver in a separate IP67 box housed inside the recessing box. To ensure efficient drainage, gravel must be used to a depth of 17” and a width of 12” beneath the housing, and should also be placed around the luminaire. Body and frame constructed in grade 316 stainless steel. Grade 316 stainless steel fasteners. Power is provided through a single custom designed Ligman VSAW anti – wicking PG 1/2” water tight cable gland and 3ft of Outdoor Submersible #18/3 SOOW 600V power cable. Durable silicone rubber gasket and clear toughened 0.5” thick glass, 2.5 ton load is transferred by the housing to the foundation. Vehicles with pneumatic tires can drive over the luminaire but the speed must not exceed 30Mph The distance between the floodlight and the illuminated surface should be at least 1.64ft Optional Recessing box in high density polyethylene. Optional ADA anti slip surface.

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Specification Sheets


Harrier Round Dia 10.82" Symmetrical Reflector     Harrier Rnd 10.82 Clr-01
Model No. Lamp Holder Beam Lumen Weight
UHA-60051 PAR-38 HAL 120w. MED  10°/30° 1800 12.5 lb.
UHA-60052 CMH PAR-38 100w. MED SKIRTED    15°/25°/60° 6500 15.8 lb.
UHA-60053 CFTR 42w. Gx24q-4  82° 2720 12.5 lb.
UHA-60054 PMH-ED17 100w. MED 62° 6500 18.7 lb.
UHA-60055 HPS-ED17 70w. MED 83° 5450 15.4 lb.
UHA-60056 T6 CMH 39w. G12  6°-11°-26°-36°-63° 2720 14.3 lb.
UHA-60057 T6 CMH 100w. G12  10°-12°-30°-38°-64° 7600 20.2 lb.


Harrier Round Dia 10.82" Asymmetrical Reflector     Harrier 10.82 Sym Clr-01
Model No. Holder Beam Lumen Weight
UHA-60221 G12  16°x24°  5600 15.4 lb.
UHA-60222 G12  26°x22° 11500 20.2 lb.


Harrier Square 10.82" Symmetrical Reflector     Harrier Sqr 10.82-01
Model No. Lamp Holder Beam Lumen Weight
UHA-60211 PAR-38 HAL 120w. MED  10°/30° 1800 13.7 lb.
UHA-60212 CMH PAR-38 100w. MED SKIRTED   15°/25°/60° 6500 16.3 lb.
UHA-60213 CFTR 42w. Gx24q-4  82° 2720 13.7 lb.
UHA-60214 PMH-ED17 100w. MED 62° 6500 19.8 lb.
UHA-60215 HPS-ED17 70w. MED 83° 5450 16.5 lb.
UHA-60216 T6 CMH 39w. G12  6°-11°-26°-36°-63° 2720 15.4 lb.
UHA-60217 T6 CMH 100w. G12  10°-12°-30°-38°-64 7600 21.4 lb.


Harrier Square 10.82" Asymmetrical Reflector     Harrier Sqr Asy 10.82-01
Model No. Lamp Holder Beam Lumen Weight
UHA-60231 T6 CMH 70w.  G12  16°x24°  5600 16.5 lb.
UHA-60232 T6 CMH 150w.  G12  26°x22° 11500 21.4 lb.



Anti-glare shield


Honey comb louvre
A61421 A61421


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